PC-Doctor Service Center 16 Kit 3-Pack

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Product Overview

The same great kit with 3 Multipurpose USB Devices! Save money with this 3-pack and test more systems at once!

PC-Doctor Service Center is the diagnostic toolkit used by repair organizations, IT professionals, system builders, recyclers, and others to troubleshoot and isolate hardware issues, and to verify system integrity on servers, desktops, notebooks, and mobile devices. 

Service Center 16 provides four great diagnostic environments on a single USB key, allowing technicians easy access to Windows (10-11), ChromeOS, Bootable Diagnostics – with Intel-based Mac support – and Android (6-13). Quickly identify hardware issues with more than 450 diagnostic tests, many new or updated for faster execution. Repair the problems, and then use Service Center to verify you identified and repaired the correct issue, saving time and money. Then provide your customers with customizable reports that show every component in their system, including model and serial numbers, every test run on the system, and exactly what you did to fix the problems. All with your company logo, contact information, and technician's name prominently displayed at the top. Never has a single product done so much to improve your performance and image!

This Tool Kit Includes:

  • Three sturdy SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Multipurpose USB Device with 16 GB storage containing Windows, Bootable Diagnostics, ChromeOS, and Android diagnostics
  • Diagnostics DVD containing Windows, Bootable, ChromeOS and Android diagnostics, and the Multipurpose USB Device Restore Tool
  • Three USB-A to USB-C adapter
  • Three USB-A extension cable
  • Optical media for testing CD and DVD capabilities
  • Four loopback devices for RJ45, serial, parallel, and audio ports
  • PC-Doctor Drive Erase (included with the offline Bootable Diagnostics)
  • Comprehensive documentation for advanced product usage
  • A professional hard shell case for carrying the kit onsite
  • Free cloud reporting with optional remote diagnostics