PC-Doctor Service Center 16 Drive Erase

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Product Overview

Service Center Drive Erase is a NIST 800-88r1 compliant solution for media sanitization. Securely erase ATA, NVMe, eMMC, and SAS drives, create professional certificates as proof of erasure, and have confidence knowing this has been certified NIST-compliant!

The drive erase process walks you through all aspects of erasing a hard drive.

  • Automated freeze lock removal and PSID revert of OPAL drives, erasure of hidden HPA and DCO sectors, support for write-protected eMMC partition regions and NVMe namespaces
  • Using the most secure erasure method available
  • Verifying drive contents are cleared post-erasure
  • PDF certificate to prove the erasure, including a cryptographic fingerprint
  • Erasure certificate details are written onto the drive’s first sector
  • Customizable reports available in English, Danish, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish

*Drive Erase does not include diagnostics. Consider a Service Center kit for diagnostics and drive erase capabilities.